Product DNA Management

- to manage and maintain Your product value creation & capture

Our coaching provides tools, skills and methods for modelling the core of Your product value creation.

You will have:

  • an excellent understanding of Your product DNA creating the value in your business. 
  • a shared model documenting the partitioning logic of your product, the allocation of Product Structuring Principles per Design Entity and improved control over variability design.


- is fast and effective way to have a Feasibility Study for Your Product and modularisation investments.
  • This is a fast-track project in which we co-create and coach the concept development with your experts. 

You will have 

  • Technology concept for Your competitive, modular product family.

 Brownfield Process

- for developing Modular Product and Product Family based on the existing solutions
  • This is a project in which we co-create, train, coach and facilitate the development process with your experts. 

You will have 

  • competitive, modular product family developed within shorter time and with less resources than with traditional development project.

Business Impact Analysis

- to evaluate the business potential with modularisation
  • We analyse your product in your business system and evaluate with your design experts how much modularity can incease the Value for Customer and reduce delivery time and cost of goods.

You will have:

  • an excellent understanding of the expected ROI BEFORE major investment decisions are needed. 
  • solid facts for the business case calculation and financial planning.

Modular Way Transformation

- is a powerful set of tools and approaches to really implement and prosper with the change.
We apply our experiences on modularisation and organisational changes to plan and lead the change project with success. 

We use state of art tools and approaches involving people gaining both commitment and improvement ideas on the actual change content.

Module System Management

- Current State Analysis
  • We evaluate with your design experts how well your company is creating and managing the Module System and it´s key elements.

You will have:

  • a clear understanding where to invest for increased design re-use, for increased operative efficiency and for reduced data maintenance costs.

Project Success Indicators

- is proactive approach to plan and act on the project risks.
  • Project Success Indicators is a practical, experience-based approach. You will have systematic way to improve your project success and excellent way to anticipate risks. This tool enables proactive and effective actions.

You will get

  • simple traffic lights to plan and monitor the project success factors - 15 minutes per week is enough!

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